Saturday, November 10, 2007


Justin Kestelyn tweeted the following about an hour ago:

+ recording first "Oracle OpenWorld Daily Wrapup" video; look for it on my and youtube channels

As of 8:00, the video isn't uploaded to yet.

But I did find this. So if you're hungry for the razzle-dazzle in-your-face Moscone experience:

  • Pretend that tens of thousands of people are around you.

  • Get your favorite bean bag chair.

  • Watch this.

P.S. I have on my cellphone, but they only have a limited subset of the complete YouTube library available in mobile format. Gizmodo says "there's no discernible pattern to what you'll find" on mobile YouTube, but I did check one of the videos that WAS converted to mobile YouTube format, and I'm not surprised. (This is the non-mobile, or "classic" version of the video, by the way.)

I have no idea whether YouTube will convert the Oracle OpenWorld podcasts to mobile format, but somehow I doubt it - unless Oracle uploads a video of Larry Ellison walking down the walls of a dorm hall or sumfin.

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