Thursday, November 8, 2007

I hope the ex-Gilmore Girls writers are better at writing protest signs

Extreme Mortman has recently been commenting about the protest signs that the writers are using during the writers' strike. For example:

You know, for a bunch of highly-paid writers, their signage really lacks for pithy, memorable catch-phrases.

EM then included a picture of one of the protest signs: "ON STRIKE."

Today he returned to the theme.

I mean, have you seen their signs? “On Strike.” Wow, that’s gripping. Sometimes they opt for a bit more words: “We’re On Strike.” Those must be writers on mini-series.

No wonder they’re under-paid. They under-work.

But I wonder what would have happened if Gilmore Girls were still in production. Certain members of my family (in other words, everyone except for me and perhaps the dog) loved Gilmore Girls when it was on, but I never saw the attraction. As far as I'm concerned, the writers for that show were paid by the word, and threw in more obscure references to the scripts than Dennis Miller at a James Hadley Billington party.

If the Gilmore Girls were still on the air, and if the Palladinos were still involved with the show, I suspect their protest signs would read as follows:

The whole idea of cutting the writers out of revenue from streaming shows is completely unfair, since we all know that ten years from now people won't even bother to own television sets since they'll all be at their computers or their portable phones slash music players slash back massagers, so what are writers supposed to do if they don't have any revenue?

Which, frankly, sounds a little better than


Don't you think?

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