Friday, November 23, 2007

23 minutes - that's a rather fast cooker

My sister in law wanted me to go to J.C. Penney and get a Cooks slow cooker for $28.88. (She couldn't find this at another J.C. Penney.)

When I got there, the helpful cookware woman found a 4 qt slow cooker at $14.88 and a 6.5 qt one at $39.99.

I called my sister in law, who explained that the latter item was on sale for $28.99 until 1:00.

"Do you still want it if I can't get the sale price?" I asked.

"They WILL give you the sale price," she replied.

So i got in line at 12:52, and got to the front of the line 20 minutes later...only to find out that the sale price applied to the OVAL 6.5 qt slow cooker, and my item was not geometrically compliant.

Thankfully, the cashier found the right model, and I left at 1:15 - $31+ poorer, but alive.

Now I'm done, but my daughter is still shopping somewhere. Better her than me.

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