Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where is Cory Briggs on THIS issue?

Meanwhile, there's more stuff brewing in Ontario, California. Not in northwest or northeast Ontario, though. I'm talking big stuff.

SANTA ANA, CA-Sukut Construction Inc. has landed a $96 million contract to build the roads and underground infrastructure on the 4,000-acre first phase of the 13-square-mile New Model Colony master-planned community in Ontario, one of the largest projects in recent Southern California history. Sukut officials note that of 13 companies vying for the contract, only five were qualified by the city to be capable of managing such a massive job.

Approximately 120 acres of commercial building totaling five million sf is planned for the first phase of New Model Colony, according to Michael Bobeczko, Sukut director of marketing. The entire New Model Colony development will include 30,000 homes, plus retail and commercial centers, schools and parks.

Retail and commercial centers? You know that Briggs wants to keep the Albertsons and Ralphs and Vons out - oh, wait a minute, he doesn't go after those stores. But you know that someone's gonna want to build a Target or a Wal Mart down there, so shouldn't Briggs be ramping up now?

Actually, it's a little too early for Briggs to step in.

First, you have to clear all the cow droppings out of the area. (If you're not from around here, let me explain that the "New Model Colony" is currently an agricultural preserve, but all of the cowherders are cashing in and moving out, which should coincidentally make the south winds a little more pleasant.)

Then, you have to start building up stuff, but not a lot of stuff. Get the community to a place where it looks really ugly, but will look really good when all the building is completed.

THAT is when you need to step in and derail the project for a few years.

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