Friday, October 19, 2007

Well, YOU might not think it's funny...

...but this is what he said. This is what Justin Kestelyn said:

My OpenWorld is schedule is looking less like a blob.


Sunday will be an ACE-y day for Kestelyn, and of course he'll spend a lot of the time doing OTN and podcasting stuff. But the thing that caught my eye was this little entry.

[Monday] 11am: Catch me in Yerba Buena Theater for the opening session (panel) of the "No Slide Zone", an experimental track in which Oracle speakers will be relying on unconventional formats (fishbowls, whiteboarding etc.). Marius Ciortea ( Web Strategy), Paul Pedrazzi (Apps Product Strategy), and Mark Townsend (VP Database Product Management) will be on this panel as well.

To find out more about the No Slide Zone, go here and search for the track "No Slide Zone" for more information.

Personally, "No Slide Zone" sounds gimmicky to me - in fact, it reminds me of marketing free. And you know how THAT turned out.

Incidentally, the title of the first "marketing free" blog post is taken from the Wall of Voodoo album "Call of the West." Heh.

Which leads me into my next topic. While my third presentation this week touched on the various Internet permutations of Wall of Voodoo discussion, my first presentation was supposed to be a nearly no slide zone. I was supposed to talk about my product to the sales staff, but to do so with a minimum of PowerPoint slides. So I created the first version of my presentation, with only four slides. That didn't last long, however, because one of my reviewers noted, "Why didn't you include the slides with the quotes from the Oracle ACE?" (See, this all ties together.) So in the end I had a bunch of slides, including several quotes from the Oracle ACE. I'd say more about what happened during the presentation, but I probably shouldn't.

At least the sales staff didn't ask for a "marketing free" presentation.

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