Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, THAT campaign backfired

In my little Twitter circle, there's been more talk about Taco Bell's World Series product placement than about the game itself.

And all the Taco Bell talk is negative.

During baseball coverage (not commercial) it's too much to show two baseball players who happen to be talking about free tacos, followed by an interview with a Taco Bell exec.

But I'm sure some people would like to put a taco in Tim McCarver's mouth.


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Kelly TerBest said...

Now that the base has been stolen and the free taco day declared, what's next? There's still at least two more games to play - they can't deny Taco Bell two more games of advertising, now can they?

Ontario Emperor said...

Kelly, if I recall correctly, there's potential for a SECOND free taco day.