Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tips for Oracle OpenWorld 2007

Real Java/Real SOA published some tips for those going to Oracle OpenWorld 2007. The complete list is here; this is a select few:

Sign up for everything you might want to go to ahead of time, sessions fill up fast and the "standby" line is a crapshoot.


Abandon what you signed up for in advance and try to get into a session to see something you overheard somebody talking about at lunch.

And I have a slight disagreement with one item.

The shuttle buses between the hotels and Moscone are a joke. There's so many people choking the streets that it's faster and easier just to walk (if you're able).

I couldn't have done that for Oracle OpenWorld 2005; I stayed by the airport! However, I was near Union Square in 2006, and again in 2007, so I'll be hoofing it.

But I heartily agree with this one:

See Ellison's keynote, although not in'd broadcast on CCTV screens all over the place.

There's only one danger. I remember one year I was watching a presentation (not Ellison's) on a CCTV in a beanbag chair, and I nearly fell asleep. You have been warned.

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