Sunday, October 14, 2007

Standing On Your Head

I've heard of bloggers being ripped off, but this is occurring in reverse.

I ran across a post that started like this:

Ontario Emperor wrote an interesting post today on
Here’s a quick excerpt

Every hero needs a reason to keep going.

This then links to another post - one which I did not write. In fact, it's credited to someone called Mazzon. But I don't know if Mazzon wrote it either.

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Mazzon said...

Whee! Gosh I feel important now. Someone quotes someone quoting me. Yeah, I did write it.

Ontario Emperor said...

Glad I can give credit where credit is due. Not sure how my name got attached to it.

Alexandra Erin said...

I can tell you that!

It's actually a very common spambot technique. They pick a random post, attach a random name, and put a link to German catheter porn in the homepage field, or whatever.

The idea is that this completely natural looking comment flies under the radar.

Alexandra Erin said...

(Oh, and if you're wondering who I am and what the hell I'm doing at your blog, I followed another such comment here.)

Ontario Emperor said...

Learn something new every day...