Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Valium for Fletch

I'm waiting for someone to write a full book of the Devotional tour. Perhaps it's been written, but I haven't seen it yet.

Until then, I'll have to rely on this:

I want some Valium for Fletch
For his anxiety
For his panic attacks
And for the stage fright that grips him
Some pills to calm Fletch's mind
And give him support
And in return
He'll play his keyboard
He'll accompany me
When I start to sing
About the world we die in
And death in general
Though our tours may be long
Fletch has only once deserted:
On the Devotional tour, "I've just s--- myself," he blurted
Which got me to thinking
About the pain that Fletch was in
And since he is my best friend
I think I'll speak with him

So take your Valium, Fletch
And when you've steadied your nerves
You'll be back on the stage
Miming pre-recorded keyboards
And when the touring's done
Take out your calculator
And do our tax returns
While me and Dave do the albums
And when you've quantified
The millions we've made
I think you'll find we put most rock bands in the shade
But without you
Depeche Mode couldn't be continued
though you lack confidence
I just know you've got it in you
To get back on stage
With your trademark awkward stance
And never again
Will you p--- your pants

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Alphonse said...

Do you still have the mp3 for this parody? If so, could you please e-mail it to me? =D
My e-mail is alphonsepsn@gmail.com