Sunday, October 28, 2007

Simultaneous Tweets - David Maister on Not-so-modern Marketing

You can tell that a lecture attracts a techie crowd when two people tweet the same thing from the same lecture.


David Maister's rule of Marketing: "you don't get my business when you are too busy talking about you."


POD David Maisters: "Shut up talking about you. You don't get any of my business by talking about you."

But let's here from David Maisters himself about an outward focus:

In today’s blogging world, the way we build attention is not just to focus on our own materials (e.g., our own blogs) but to seek out other hyperspace conversations that are taking place, and join in those other conversations.

One more time, this turns out to be merely a minor translation of a real-world lesson: if you want people to be interested in you, you don’t succeed best by trying to force them to come to you. (“Yoo-hoo! I’m over here!”) Instead, you first go where they are, get to meet them, and join in their conversations.

By making it easier for people to converse across the Internet about our topics, using trackbacks and linking us in, we’ll draw their traffic, in part, when they find us interesting. That’s a sure way to broaden an audience.

On simple reflection, this is nothing more than the real-world tactic of attending a client’s industry meeting and finding out what they are already talking about. The effectiveness of the tactic hasn’t changed. It’s just that nowadays, attending a client meeting can be as simple as finding other people’s blogs and joining in their conversation, letting people judge our worth and merit by the quality of what we have to say.

But enough about Maisters. Let's talk about me... (j/k)

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