Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh yeah...Tracy Simers is Somewhere

Thought I'd check Simers' blog to see if she has posted any updates on her plans, but her last post was on October 5. It stated, in part:

I was getting used to the idea of the show ending in December (that was the original agreement - 14 months - and I could tell my dad just wasn't really feeling up to signing up again) - but things did end a bit too soon for me. I plan on blogging from time to time for a while - I figure I'll need an outlet for all the opinions that I can no longer share on air. I'll let you all know what the future holds for me....just as soon as I know.

As I previously tweeted, Fred Roggin appeared as a substitute for Mychal Thompson on the Loose Cannons yesterday afternoon. If you haven't heard the show, it often consists of a lot of over-the-air theatrics, especially when you consider that personalities such as Vic "the Brick" Jacobs and Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton contribute to the show. (Thankfully, no "Ladies Line" during the Cannons.)

In other words, Roggin was in an environment that was a lot calmer than his previous radio sting.

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