Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My close personal friend has at least one thing in common with Bill Wyman

From Techcrunch:

Newsweek has confirmed our story that MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson, who automatically becomes everyone’s first friend when they register for the site, has lied about his age....

When MySpace was founded in 2003, Anderson claimed to be 27 years old. At the time he was actually 32. Today he claims to be 32, when in reality he celebrates his 37th birthday next week, on November 8.

The reason is obvious. In order to appeal to MySpace's target market, a little reshaping of resumes was in order. I'm sure the original MySpace target demographic never heard the phrase "never trust anyone over 30," but they certainly believed it.

For similar reasons, you may recall that Bill Wyman lied about his age during his first years with the Rolling Stones. Wyman was in truth several years older than Mick, Brian, Keith, Charlie, and Stu, but it was deemed prudent to cover that little fact up.

Don't know if Tom Anderson goes for the girls in the same way that Wyman did back in the day...

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