Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's a Lonely World Out There - Dan Patrick Talking to Himself

DubaLakers has an interesting perspective on Dan Patrick replacing Fred Roggin, T.J. Simers, and Tracy Simers:

Say what you want about that boob Roggin, and yes Simers can be annoying at times, but he's more of a journalist than anyone else on the radio. At least he asks the questions, and knows what to ask.

Patrick has one talent getting anyone he wants whenever he wants he has access to so many people thru ESPN. You are the same people that like Stuart Scott and Steven A Smith. All three are blow hards.

Patrick practically flirts with the guests to get his answers with his man crushes it's pitiful.

But who does DubaLakers like?

The only true excellent sports radio is Jim Rome.

Now I've already expressed my opinion on Jim Rome, but it turns out that there's one thing that Patrick and Rome have in common.

They both work solo (as does Bill Handel and Tom Leykis for the most part).

For me, this immediately puts you at a handicap unless you're a completely riveting personality, since a solo host can't interact with anyone unless he/she takes callers (and even when Rome takes callers, he doesn't interact with them).

A group show, such as Roggin and Simers Squared, the Loose Cannons, Petros/Money, or Jeff Pope/Evelyn Erives is much more entertaining.

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