Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a gas

I didn't happen to hear Money's last appearance as part of the Kevin and Bean show (of course, he's guested afterwards), but I did run across this account of the event.'s been over two years.

9:16 - Money's special request: The Armenian Comedian!
When Money was approached about having a farewell party, they told him he could have a special guest. They were thinking he would ask for a former Bears player or something but instead he asked for Sam and Dieu To but Dieu To couldnt make it. So Sam the Armenian comedian made an appearance at the party machine. Sam sings a song and the crowd boos. He also has a farewell joke for Money and it sucked as usual..."I hate you now money! It's good you're leaving!"

Ralph requests Falco's greatest...and only hit..."ROCK ME AMADEUS!" Only on a K&B party machine will you have such a wide variety of music played...


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