Friday, October 26, 2007

I am not trendy in so many ways

I was sitting at home this evening, letting the dog in and out of the house, when I discovered two things about my Motorola Q.

First, any MP3 files on the Q can be used as ringtones.

Second, any MIDI files on the Q can be used as ringtones.

This is significant, because I've written a lot of "synthetica" (you may prefer another term) MIDIs over the last several years. (I also published some synthetica MP3s, but all save one are no longer online.)

Unfortunately, my most recent MIDIs are not really good candidates for ringtones. My latest MIDI collection is called "Reflective," and the songs kind of quietly meander at the beginning. They won't make you jump up and answer the phone.

Luckily, I have some older songs that fit the bill. So, if my phone isn't on vibrate, the next person who calls me will cause "Even Newer Mexico" to play.

Take that, Eminem.

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Ontario Emperor said...

Update here. (And yes, regular blog readers will know the origin of the "Vibrant" title.)