Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How Our Senators Affect Our Public Discourse

It's no secret that foreigners don't enjoy getting the thrice-over when they cross the borders into the Untied States. But Finland for Thought captures the ultimate indignity:

Finnish folk band Lännen-Jukka arrived from Amsterdam to the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport for a brief tour of North America. They received the traditional U.S. government welcoming which included hours of: interrogation, screaming, door-slamming, accusations, suspicion of drug smuggling, suspicion of working without a permit, drug dogs, humiliation, strip searching (like in sauna) and of course…no apologies when they were set free…

However the biggest tragedy of the day occurred when they didn’t have time to visit the Minneapolis-St.Paul bathrooms for the traditional gay sex and foot-tapping in the toilets....

Oh well. In the late twentieth century, our President got involved in sexual embarrassment. Now it's the turn for the esteemed Senator from Idaho.

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