Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crisis of Faith? Oh No!

We all know that Christians are supposed to be perfect - the Pharisees said so. And so, by implication, did a blog at the Los Angeles Times:

Another posting worth checking out on [David] Brody's site today is headlined, "Hillary Clinton's Faith Based Talking Points"; it begins: "When it comes to the faith and values debate in this country, Republicans beware. Democrats are hunting in your backyard."

The item quotes Burns Strider, the director of faith based operations for Clinton, as saying his office "is at the table every morning, fully integrated into the campaign."

Brody also quotes from a six-page memo he said he obtained from Clinton aides, a document that is distributed as "talking points" for supporters. It includes this offering: "The teachings of her faith, the principles of the Methodist church, and the examples of her family have been the guiding light throughout her life... ."

That may well be but, based on a close reading of Sunday's New York Times story relating excerpts from letters she sent during her college years to a childhood friend, she may have experienced at least one crisis of faith.

A crisis of faith in college? Stop the presses!

Or don't. After Elijah's decisive defeat of Ahab, he ran for his life. And Job was not always happy-go-lucky. And Peter wasn't always a rock.

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Joe Jordan said...

We can only be grateful that every question of our minds and every chapter of our lives is not under the same scrutiny and evaluation as someone in the political scene.