Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can Christian Colleges Be Evangelical?

Via MySpace, I ran across two blog posts that decried how a quote on one of the Concordia University websites seemed to dilute the universities' Lutheran and Christian identity.

As I've noted previously, I do not believe that the Christian message should be compromised. In this case, the truths of Law and Gospel should not be diluted.

But by the same token, the truths of Law and Gospel should not be diluted, and we should not substitute man-made doctrines for the doctrines expressed in the Bible.

Perhaps some day I'll see this message on a Concordia University website:

I came to Concordia because of the education and programs offered, not because it was a Christian or a Lutheran university. But once I got here, my eyes were opened to the Bible as God's Word, and I heard the call of God. Even though I didn't know the Lord's Prayer (much less the Small Cathecism), all of the students were very accepting and loving. Concordia literally changed my life.

But if we really want to talk about non-evangelical schools, then look at my old blog in which a student was expelled from a school because her mother was in a lesbian relationship.

Some schools behave as if they were commissioned to only attract existing disciples.

Whoops, I got it wrong. They should make disciples of some nations.

Whoops, I got it wrong again. Go to the source.

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