Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Eye of Polyphemus comments on various topics related to the end of the baseball season. In particular:

The big deal is Alex Rodriguez turning down a $ 250 million offer from the New York Yankees. Folks, that dude wants to get the heck out of Gotham to give up money like that. No other team in baseball can match that kind of dough. With A-Rod’s Me First, Middle, and Last attitude, There are not going to me many teams fielding serious offers at all. But never mind that. On a personal level, as much of a Southern partisan as I am, for $ 250 million, I would play all nine starting positions for the Yankees at the same time. Just like Bugs Bunny against the Gashouse Gorillas.

But forget about the east coast.

While we are on the subject of ex-Yankees, Joe Torre may find a home managing for the Los Angeles dodgers. The Dodgers clubhouse has been in disarray this season and manager Grady Little, who was nearly run out of Boston on a rail in 2003 for blowing it in the playoffs, is probably a goner. Good for Torre. The man deserved better. He lead the Yankees to the playoffs for twelve straight year. There is no way he deserved the inglorious exit he received. Whether the Dodgers would be a blessing orcurse remains to be seen, but If I were not such an Atlanta Braves fan, I would wish for a Dodgers v. Yankees World Series next year and hope the Bronx Bombers limp home whimpering.

As for me, I'm still mad at the previous Dodger regime for jettisoning Bill Russell, Mike Piazza, and Hideo Nomo within the space of a month or two. Someday I'll forget.

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