Friday, October 26, 2007

All is well with the world - David Allen has a blog

Last week I gave a presentation on IT - past, present, and future for a particular vertical market.

I guess it's time for "Ontario Emperor IT - past, present, and future."

David Allen (not to be confused with Allen David) has a blog.

Let's take a step back...back to the twentieth century. Before I became an internationally recognized expert on Oracle giveaway pillows, my two claims to fame were as follows:

  • A 1999 call-in to a Los Angeles "Anti-Radio" show hosted by the Poorman (Jim Trenton). I have no idea what I talked about.

  • A September 13, 1998 mention in the David Allen column in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Again, I have no idea what I talked about; the article has long since disappeared from the online archives (I used to link to it, but the link broke), and I haven't made an effort to find it recently.
Back then when I communicated with David Allen, I had to use this thing called "electronic mail." Perhaps the older people among you have heard of it.

(Actually, I'm serious about that. If my daughter had to choose between her e-mail account and her MySpace account, she'd probably drop the e-mail. And she's not even a Twitter fanatic like her dear old dad. Luckily.)

Now, it's possible to interact with Mr. Allen in a more public and interactive mode.

I'd ask him if he were writing about the Taco Bell controversy, but there's isn't too much of a local angle to it (well, people will certainly go to local Taco Bells, but they won't be debating network product placement).

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toni bagley said...

Hi David - I was the one who asked you to delve into the historic calendars at the Chino restaurant, the "Cock-A-Doodle".
Can you find out how in the world the Upland Public Library was allowed to sponsor an event tonight (9-17-08) titled: "PIMP YOUR BACKPACK"? We were shocked that a supposedly educational institution was using the work "pimp" to encourage students to come in to decorate their backpacks. The Director of the library, Ms. Kathy Bloomberg-Rissman, told me today that the teenagers "identify" with this word, and have no understanding of the true definition of the word. Yeah, right.
On a more lighthearted note, could you please give us all an update on the splendid Chinese restaurant - the Yangtse (sp?) on Euclid in downtown Ontario? I don't see any new replacement blue awnings, but the sign is still painted on the brick wall. Parking problems aside, we still frequent the place, as we have for 3 decades. Thanks David! Toni & Joe Bagley, Ontario 9-18-08