Monday, September 24, 2007

The Wal Mart-Kathy Griffin Mashup

As the Ontario Mountain Village Associations tries to preserve its blessed vacant lot, arguing that a Wal Mart in Ontario, California would sell cheap foreign stuff, and as Kathy Griffin prays to her Emmy god, perhaps it's time to combine the two. Here's a quote from Kathy Griffin on Larry King last year:

Well, my parents -- first of all my parents love the Dollar Store. They're super obsessed with getting like Mexican toothpaste and stuff. And my mom will buy anything for a dollar whether she uses it or not. But they were so bitter when the 98-cent store opened up a mile away because my mom couldn't stop thinking about the two cents she lost. But yes, my parents are depression era and my mom's expression is ‘Use it up, wear it out, make it due.’ And she loves to say, ‘I was doing recycling before recycling was cool.’ But they're very funny. You know, my parents are Irish Catholic. My mom's very Catholic and I'm what you would call a fallen Catholic.

So, in this scenario, the people who want Wal Marts are Catholics, and the Ontario Mountain Village Association is militant atheists.

Or something.

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