Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Show Me The Money - Or At Least the List of Directors

Phil Strickland has an interesting theory:

Cory Briggs presents himself as a friend of the environment and an average Joe.

But, under the guise of environmental protectionism, the Upland- and San Diego-based attorney is making quite a name for himself by filing questionable legal challenges against shopping centers and big-box stores.

Here's how it works.

Find a municipality, like Menifee, that is going to build a big-box store.

Next, sue to halt the project on behalf of an anonymous citizens group.

Then, reach an agreement with the developer that allows the project to continue.

There, all better.

Of course, since the nature of the agreement is private, any payments to Briggs or the anonymous residents must be kept secret.

Frankly, I doubt that someone who so publicly talks about public disclosure and opening records would risk a situation in which he would be asked to open his own records.

I mean, let's take the Ontario Mountain Village Association. For example, if you want to contact the organization, you are told exactly whom to contact.

Please leave a message for the campaign committee:
(909) 986-4172 Home Office
(909) 984-2448 Work Office


Mailing Address
Ontario Mountain Village Association, Inc.
c/o 1035 North Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764-3175

In case you're wondering how the Ontario VINEYARD Village Association got its you know. And perhaps you remember this.

And if you don't know about the business at this location, here's a little history:

In the late 50's and early 60's Merle Ryan and Kenneth Hall operated a gasoline service station on the corner of Sultana and Holt Boulevard in Ontario. As a sideline to their service station activities they started renting trailers and eventually added other equipment as their business grew. (Holt Boulevard was one of the only ways from Los Angeles on the west to Palm Springs on the east in the days before the I-10 Freeway). As the business prospered, Mr. Hall and Mr. Ryan rented a small lot and moved the rental operations across the street. Shortly thereafter the partners separated and Halls Trailer and Equipment Rentals came into being.

It all began for CITY RENTALS in 1968 when Dale and Richard Briggs purchased the assets of Halls Trailer and Equipment Rentals from the estate of the late Kenny Hall.

Wait a minute. Go back a second?

It all began for CITY RENTALS in 1968 when Dale and Richard Briggs purchased the

Wait. Go back just a little bit.

when Dale and Richard Briggs

Um, OK. But aren't there some non-Briggs people who run the OMVA?

Let's see:

The City Council presided over a heated appeal hearing Monday night, that got accusations flying from both sides of the Wal-Mart issue. A decision on the controversial project is expected Oct. 9 when the hearing will be continued.
The source of the debate was a Wal-Mart Supercenter slated for Mountain Avenue and Fifth Street, which the Planning Commission gave the green light to in August.

Shortly after that decision, resident John Logue filed an appeal on behalf of the Ontario Mountain Village Association, which consists of homeowners in the northwest area of the city opposed to the development.

So is John Logue the president of the OMVA? The vice president? The refreshment committee chair? Apparently this information is not appropriate for public disclosure.

But a whois search yields the following:

City Rentals
1035 North Vineyard Avenue Ontario, CA 91764-3175
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 26-Nov-04
Expires on: 26-Nov-08
Last Updated on: 30-Aug-07

Administrative Contact:
Rentals, City
Richard Briggs 1035 North Vineyard Avenue Ontario, CA 91764-3175

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