Sunday, September 23, 2007

Negotiate Your Body to a Vertical Direction - Business!

Most if not all Christian and non-Christian denominations have a left-right split (though I rarely hear of progressive Mormons or conservative Unitarians). Red Stick Rant links to the website of the Episcopal group Stand Firm.

Unfortunately, it operates on the level of bureaucracy, where many theological battles are fought out, but in sometimes confusing language:

Perhaps we will then adopt the Archbishop of Canterbury's terminology of "constituent" and "associate" membership for our dioceses. "Constituent" = fully Windsor-compliant. "Associate" = committed to remaining Anglican, but unable to accept the Windsor proposals.

Who said that the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues has died out today?

Seriously, I'm sure that many Lutheran Church Missouri Synod resolutions are confusing to outsiders.

By a vote of 793–325, delegates on the last day of the convention authorized the Council of Presidents and the President of the Synod to call a special convention in 2009 if the council and the president determine that such a convention is necessary.

The special convention would have as its only task the consideration of Synod structure and governance.

According to the resolution, the president is directed to meet with the Council of Presidents within 90 days of the close of the 2007 convention, and after discussions with other Synod officials, the presidents of the Synod’s two seminaries, and the Commissions on Theology and Church Relations and Constitutional Matters, determine whether a special convention is required. A two-thirds vote of the Council of Presidents would be required to call the special convention.

Former Synod presidents Ralph Bohlmann and Robert Kuhn (who is also the chairman of Synod’s Board of Directors) endorsed the resolution, as did Thomas Kuchta, Synod vice-president—finance and Synod treasurer. All said that for the Synod to operate efficiently in the coming years, a more streamlined structure must be adopted.

In his address, Kuhn compared the Synod’s structure to an old house—charming and lovely and historic, indeed, but also in need of constant remodeling. “It’s time to build a new house,” he said.

Kuhn also told the delegates the Board of Directors felt it was “strategically important” to have a special convention.

The delegates were not persuaded easily. Vigorous discussion ensued over several sessions before a substitute resolution (8-07S) offered by Rev. Kenneth Roberts, a delegate from the Pacific Southwest District, addressed both delegate concerns and the desires of the committee proposing the resolution.

Citing delegate concerns, Dr. Larry A. Stoterau, Pacific Southwest District president and co-chair of the floor committee presenting the resolution, asked, on behalf of the committee, for “forgiveness” for some of the misunderstandings that had occurred during the discussion of the proposal. “In the spirit of working together” he moved that the substitute resolution require a two-thirds vote to adopt. (As a substitute resolution, the measure would have required only a majority vote.) The delegates agreed immediately, and after further debate, the resolution passed by the 70.9 percent margin noted above.

Following the adoption of the resolution, Kieschnick expressed his “deep appreciation” for the manner in which the delegates addressed the topic.

So, we're having meeting.


But we're not sure what organization will call it.

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