Monday, September 10, 2007

Frankly, I Blame Ron Paul for Britney's Latest Blunder

I didn't watch the latest MTV awards, so I've only heard secondhand accounts of Britney Spears' bizarre performance. Most of the ones I've heard said that she looked OK, but sounded terrible.

Refried Screens speculates that MTV engineered the whole thing.

The morning after Britney Spears horrid MTV VMA performance, we’ve learned that Marion Barry wasn’t the only one set up....

As she got ready to perform, MTV told her that Sarah Silverman would be making jokes about her kids.

Surely Britney remembers what Silverman said about Paris Hilton months ago. She probably regretted telling the nanny to have her kids watch mama perform on t.v.

MTV knew that people would be watching and wanting a train wreck. And they got one.

Before you pooh-pooh the conspiracy, here’s one glaring fact:

"Ratings have been sinking steadily since 2001, when the show peaked with nearly 12 million viewers. Last year, the VMAs drew 5.8 million viewers, its smallest audience in 10 years."

Frankly, I doubt this explanation, since Viacom already had enough trouble after Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson.

I suspect Ron Paul.

What better way to wipe Fred Thompson off the front pages than to cause a major entertainment story that Harvey Levin and his ilk would salivate over?

And, after all, Libertarians are pro-drug and anti-car seat, so influencing Britney would be perfect for them.

Now I realize that my allegations can't be proven, primarily because something called "the truth" intervenes. But I'm sure some conspiracy theorist will come up with the same conclusion, and blame it on the nefarious designs of the Illuminati or the Kiwanis or whoever.

Next - Ron Paul aligns with the love child of David Koresh and Cindy Sheehan (both with Texas connections!) to minimize the effects of the forthcoming post-Petraeus debate.

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