Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fletch sightings around the world

Back on September 9, Finland for Thought posted this:

Sadly, Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher was voted off the Finnish Big Brother last night...

Trust me, they look identical. They both have red hair and weird glasses. Einari is on the left, Andrew Fletcher on the right. That photo of Andy is from 1981, so what’s Einari’s excuse for that hairdo?

Judge the resemblance, if any, for yourself - Einari's picture is here.

This morning, I remember that I had my own Andrew Fletcher sighting, years and years ago. Back in the 1990s, there was a worker at the Mimi's Cafe in Upland, California that looked more like Fletch than Einari does. This was especially humorous (whoops, humourous) at the time because Fletch owned Gascognes at that time (it's since been closed). The idea of an English musician owning a California chain restaurant was just too amusing - although for all I know, Martin Gore might own a restaurant himself.

Which brings up an old claim:

Familiar chains started in Santa Barbara...include...Carrows....

But here's what Carrows' own website says:

In 1970, David G. Nancarrow opened Carrows Hickory Chip Restaurant in Santa Clara, Calif. Shortly thereafter, a second Carrows Restaurant opened in Goleta, Calif., just north of Santa Barbara.

Last I knew, Santa Clara was not within Santa Barbara.

But back to Fletch. If he's not on the Finnish Big Brother, and if he isn't working at a restaurant in Southern California, where is he? Perhaps he's in the Wasatch Mountains.

[Corpus] I know many of you have been nervously anticipating a hair update. Here's the situation: Growing back, full of lustre, and sheen. No balding detected. In no time, it will be blowing in the wind, and breaking hearts....

[inspectorjason] Corpus looks like Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode in that picture....All this time, we had the Depeche Mode keyboardist in our midst and didn't know it. Very cool.

So who says that Fletch isn't trendy? Everybody looks like him.

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