Monday, August 13, 2007

When the respectable do the unrespectable things


Yes, there are Lutheran storefront ministries:

The initial seeds for the Los Angeles Nehemiah Project were planted in 1993 when a group of leaders from 10 churches met to discuss the common problems which were affecting their congregations. The problems discussed were: deterioration of their property, loss of membership, lack of funds, inability to serve the needs of all economic groups, the influx of people from other language groups with whom they could not communicate, and like in all areas of Southern California the rising problem of drugs, school dropouts, gangs, and loss of identity that plaugues our children. The purpose of this meeting was to determine the direction that our city churches would take in addressing the problems in our communities....

Present & Proposed Projects -- ...

Storefront ministries serving the needs of people variously addicted, e.g. - drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, etc.


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