Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spam, Sliced and Diced

Presumably knicksgrl0917 is already on her way back to West Virginia from Cali, because I haven't heard from her lately. But she's still popping up in ways that she didn't suspect, and probably wouldn't authorize.

As you probably know, there are a number of "blogs" that simply reproduce little bits and pieces of other blogs, then stick some advertisements on the whole mess. Therefore, if you're searching for something like "Anywhere Under the Moon," perhaps you'll end up hitting one of these ad "blogs," and the ad "bloggers" will have opportunities to make lots of money (sorry, should have warned about the Pet Shop Boys reference; I'm sure this will turn up in a Pet Shop Boys ad blog some day).

Anyway, one of these sites was doing its usual grab of random material, and ended up grabbing the knicksgrl0917 spam.

Actually, only part of the knicksgrl0917 spam. Here's the tail end of the blog post:

Jenna W Cobb Blog: home realty network
safe driver car insurance quote new homes in middleboro mass federal home loans mortgage corp 2 comments: knicksgrl0917 said hey! i’m going to cali this

So knicksgrl0917's original spam message has been completely lost, and all that the average reader would ever know about knicksgrl0917 is that she's going to Cali.

Which is really all you need to know anyway.

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