Monday, August 6, 2007

Quick takes for August 6, 2007

Sports on a Schtick asks, "Ever wonder how Angels owner [Rita Moreno of Arte] was able to discount hot dog prices?" After the reporting of the numerous vermin health code violations at Angels Stadium, I suspect that the city of Anaheim is saying, "OK, you can call yourselves the Los Angeles Angels if you want."

Now questions are being asked in German: "Wer ist knicksgrl0917??"

The judge who was unsuccessful in his $54 million lawsuit over a pair of pants left at a dry cleaners may need those pants really soon - he may lose his judicial robes.

Michelle Madigan was the field producer for a Dateline NBC show with the title "Honey, You're on Hidden Camera." However, the husbands in that sports-related episode apparently didn't have the tracking expertise of the DEFCON folks. Don't mess with black hats. More via my tag for Michelle Madigan.

Another YouTube video (this one intentionally a parody) shows how 60 Minutes would cover a story on the world's tallest midget.

If you haven't heard of the CSI Effect, be advised that real police agencies don't have all the money that their TV counterparts do. Here's what Henderson, Nevada is doing about this. And no, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan didn't show.

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