Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now it's 58 channels and nothing on

There is a new news source out their to meet your information needs - Press TV.

The Washington Times is not impressed:

On July 2, Iran also opened up an English language news channel, broadcasting to the United States. This mind-boggling initiative in a twisted kind of way mirrors efforts by the U.S. government to educate ordinary Iranians. The channel says on its Web site ( that it aims "to break the global media stranglehold of Western outlets." However, instead of feeding their viewers a diet of fact-based reporting, it is based on distortion and lies about this country and its leadership. Iranian television thus joins Al Jazeera, which started its English-language broadcasts last year.

Personally, I don't include Al Jazeera in the axis of evil, inasmuch as they're probably hated by Middle East governments more than they're hated by Western governments.

But the New York Post doesn't like Press TV either:

Since it started beaming itself - in English - to the world via satellite on Monday, PressTV has been the news freak's antidote to reality, streaming a nonstop flow of news abuse, Arab-world victimhood, sports and the weather report in Tehran and New York.

"America Planning a Coup on Saudi Arabia!" warned one of the interchangeable, and humorless, women concealed by a lifeless gray or brown Arabic headscarf.

"Israeli Tank Kills Family!" declares a man with a distinct American accent.

Accessing the station on the Internet, I was assaulted by PressTV's far-flung correspondents and purely accidental acquaintance with the truth.

People recognizable on the other side of the pond for conspiracy theories - such as journalist Kevin Cahill, who believes the British government and CIA teamed up to assassinate a Conservative member of Parliament in 1979 - give the broadcast an air of pseudo-authority.

When it was launched Monday by Iran prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the station presented itself as an alternative to Western-biased news. But all it does is promote the insanity of Iran: Hamas is good, Fatah bad. Hezbollah good. And America might as well cease to exist.

But you can judge for yourself. Here is Press TV's report on "Child Slavery in America," courtesy...(drumroll please) IranTube, featuring Jonathan Martin (a/k/a Janathon Martin) and Julia Ormond. (Regarding the "slave camp" in Florida, I again wonder what Fabian Nunez or George W. Bush would say.)

By the way, I tried to embed this video, but Blogger didn't like the code. Here's the direct link.


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