Monday, August 20, 2007

He Wasn't Wrong

Shaun has posted something in The Sports Rumors entitled Credit Deserved. Basically, he's giving David Beckham credit for his performances in the D.C. United and New York Red Bulls games.

Even though he still questions (a) Beckham's motives, and (b) Beckham's ability to bring the MLS to the top tier of U.S. sports.

Regarding the former:

You’ve heard me ridicule him for not rehabbing fast enough, while choosing to spend time getting his pictures taken with Arod and Jeter instead. You’ve read my posts in which I all but call him a phony and a fraud....

I never questioned Beckham’s skill or ability. I questioned his motives, which I still do until proven otherwise. But at least I can bring myself to say that he had a hell of a performance this weekend.

Regarding the latter:

The dog days of summer are all but finished. We are now approaching the two most thrilling months in baseball; September and October. We are halfway through the NFL preseason which can only mean one thing; we’re two games closer to Opening Day 2007. If Beckham had these performances earlier on, say in the end of July early August area, I think he would have had a great chance of drawing in more of the casual sports fans. I think that time has passed.

And if you want a true barometer of where soccer stands today, take ESPN.

Despite his thrilling “Bend it like Beckham” type goal followed by Steve Nash like assists, the news was thirty five minutes into the Sportscenter broadcast. A rundown of what preceded it? Lots of baseball, lots of NFL preseason, and golf (even though it wasn’t a major weekend). What followed Beckham’s highlights, which lasted all but a minute? WNBA highlights and analysis of their playoff chase. I kid you not.

I still suspect that things could heat up if there were a second superduperstar in MLS, but regarding the impact of soccer, all that one can say is, wait 'til next year.

And even that's a baseball phrase.


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