Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad Things Come In Threes - Jonathan Lee Riches' Lawsuits Against Michael Vick

It turns out that Jonathan Lee Riches has sued Michael Vick three times (at last count).

I've already talked about the $62 billion lawsuit in Richmond, Virginia, which had to do with dogfighting, eBay, and al Qaeda.

Dreadnaught reports that Riches has sued several people, including LeBron James and Michael Vick, in Ohio for $83 billion; details not yet available.

And the Initial Public Offering Blog (?) links to an Atlanta Journal Constitution article that details a third lawsuit.

[Vick] is no longer being sued by a prison inmate who demanded Vick and others deliver $662 trillion in "British" gold to a federal prison in South Carolina.

The bizarre lawsuit was filed earlier this month by inmate Jonathan Lee Riches, who has styled himself as "Credit Card Czar" doing business as "The Nostradamus of Commerce." On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Willis Hunt in Atlanta threw out the suit, calling Riches' claims "farcical."...

In a handwritten lawsuit filed Aug. 3, Riches sued Vick, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a prison warden, the Humane Society, a federal judge, among others. He claimed the parties were part of a "vast conspiracy to kidnap my mind, hijack my soul," with Vick being the "ringleader of this operation." He said Vick ordered the warden to chemically induce his food, causing him to lose almost 50 pounds.

Riches said it was all done as revenge because he caught Vick, whom he called a "NASA creation," betting on Falcons games in 2005.

Bill Rankin of the Journal Constitution has more information about Riches:

Riches is currently served a 10-year, five-month sentence at a federal prison in Salters, S.C. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy counts in U.S. District Court in Houston. According to court records, a spam e-mail created by a juvenile in Dallas was sent to tens of thousands of America Online customers asking for their personal identification information. That information was sold to Riches who used it to obtain cash from victims' credit card accounts and to buy merchandise using other people's credit card information.

Someone has to tell Riches his routine is getting boring. Perhaps he can file at the World Court; now THAT would be fun.


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yojoe said...

Thank you for the link. There are 16 lawsuits by Jonathan Lee Riches at this time, but he could be drafting another as we speak.


Ontario Emperor said...

I'm waiting for him to start suing concepts. Concrete objects like the Magna Carta and Hank Aaron's bat are just too easy to sue.