Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We're not ready to get to Paul Crouch just yet

We baby seal clubbers don't come off well in this InfoWorld piece.

Back in April, when InfoWorld folded its print magazine in favor of our current online-all-the-time strategy, a reader noted that he didn’t buy the stated reasons for our switchover. His own theory, which I’ll paraphrase here, was something along the lines of this: “InfoWorld is based in San Francisco, the home of environmental extremists. I’m thinking the real reason you did this was to save paper.”

Fittingly, the note was an actual, physical letter, printed out and sent via USPS.

Not only are we wasteful, we're danged inefficient. How long did it take that letter to get to InfoWorld? An e-mail would have been received in seconds...but perhaps wouldn't have had the same impact. Hmmm...

One could say something about using the inefficient government-sponsored U.S. Postal Service, but as Ron Paul will point out (if Al Gore won't), the Internet is managed by the government also. Once I'm done with Paul Crouch and Bob Marley (not that many degrees of separation), I'll perhaps hop on it.


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