Monday, July 2, 2007

The Song Remains the Same, but the Screen Got a Little Smaller

A little more detail on my late night post from a couple of nights ago.

In the Pacific time zone, the Led Zeppelin movie "The Song Remains the Same" started at midnight. (There was apparently an earlier showing, but I missed it.) I watched bits and pieces of it, but taped the whole thing to DVR so that I could watch it later.

georgeeee took a different tack:

I leave for new orleans at 8am. I decided to skip sleeping because The Song Remains The Same is on vh1 classic until five. w00t.

w00t indeed.

The first time that I saw this movie, I obviously didn't see it on a small TV set. Back in the 1970s, I actually went to movie theaters, and my friend and I were sitting in the front row of the Centre Theatre in Alexandria, Virginia. This theater has long since been torn down, because it had the disadvantage of only having a single screen. Modern theaters have 20 or 30 or 50 screens, but they still only show a few movies at the theater at any one time.

Did I mention that we sat in the front row for the Led Zeppelin movie?


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