Friday, July 13, 2007


Remember a few days ago when I talked about two soccer posts in The Sports Rumors blog? I addressed Shaun's post in detail, but didn't really talk about Colin's post.

Pity, because I asked some questions, and Colin took the time to answer them.

While the answers are highly recommended reading, I want to focus on one nice little thing that Colin did.

I asked a question that ended as follows:

If he does so, does he damage his relationship with MSL?

Colin began his answer as follows:

Although Bradley used to coach in the MLS, he technically no longer has ties or a "relationship" to uphold with them.

Did you catch that? I used the wrong acronym for Major League Soccer, and Colin kindly ignored my mistake, used the right acronym, and moved on.

Or perhaps he thought I was really knowledgeable about the sport, and just got confused with the old Major Soccer League. For the record, I didn't.

Or perhaps he took pity on me and thought I was dyslexic. For teh recrod, I'm nto.

If only I could be so charitable. (Although I think I'm doing better as I get older, ignoring mistakes that would have thrown me into a fit 15 or 20 years ago.)


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