Friday, July 27, 2007

Even the bikers avoid Lilac Road on the Pala Reservation

Ran across this at Bikers Ballroom:

We're not going to take Lilac Rd from the 76. At the 76, Lilac is a dirt road. Instead, we're going to take the 76 to Couser Canyon Rd, and then take that to Lilac Rd.

Here's the route:

1. Starting from Menifee, Yellow Basket, I-215 & Newport Rd

2. South on I-215, merge on to I-15

3. Exit Hwy 79 South

4. Right on Pechanga Pkwy, all the way down to Pala Reservation

5. Right on Hwy 76 to Couser Canyon Rd.

6. Couser Canyon Rd all the way to Lilac Rd, turn right.

7. Lilac Rd all the way to Old Castle Rd, turn left.

8. Old Castle Hwy to Valley Center.


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