Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Planet Run Update - Coming to Upland, California Early August 6

They have crossed Asia, are now in Japan, and are about to depart for North America (mostly the United States, but with some running in Canada).

They'll be in Los Angeles on August 5. Specifically, here are the cities on their route through California:

San Francisco, CA 08/01
Napa, CA
Pittsburg, CA 08/02
Oakland, CA
San Jose, CA
Monterrey CA 08/03
San Luís Obispo CA
Santa Bárbara CA 08/04
Los Angeles CA 08/05
Barstow, CA 08/06

And here are the details for August 5 through 6.

8/5/07 0:00 Santa Barbara AM PM Gas Station on right, at corner of State St and Mission St

8/5/07 1:30 second big dirt cut out on right just before small power boxes and poles on right, fences and small palm trees on the left

8/5/07 3:00 Faria Beach wide gravel area on left between road and railroad, across the road from Seacliff Beach Colony

8/5/07 4:30 San Beunaventura paved turn out/parking lot entrance with gate on right next "Park Entrance" sign

8/5/07 6:00 Port Hueneme Ventura County Naval Base small bldg and parking lot on right at corner of Ventura Rd and Sunkist St

8/5/07 7:30 massive gravel cut out on right at brown Point Magu State Park sign on right

8/5/07 9:00 Leo Carillo State Park parking lot entrance on left

8/5/07 11:30 Malibu Malibu Beach

8/5/07 12:00 Malibu wide turn off area on left side of road, across the street from blue house (address - 20042 Hwy 1 South)

8/5/07 13:00 Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade

8/5/07 13:30 Venice Venice Beach - "V" plaza on the beach at dead end of Windward Ave

8/5/07 15:00 Manhattan Beach dead end of Marine Ave, down on the beach along runners/bike path - next to "Marine" bldg/bathrooms

8/5/07 16:30 Inglewood Randys Donuts on right, just after crossing over I- 405
8/5/07 18:00 Los Angeles 76 Gas Station on right

8/5/07 19:45 West Hollywood Hollywood Blvd

8/5/07 21:00 Glendale Burger King on right at corner of Colorado St and Chevy Chase

8/5/07 22:30 Pasadena corner of Lotus Rd and California Blvd - either side available - house on all four corners - no traffic - power lines run over the intersection

8/6/07 0:00 Irwindale beige strip mall on right with 1st Centennial Bank after crossing over RR tracks

8/6/07 1:30 San Dimas Free Public Parking Lot on left, just past Bonita Ave and D St intersection (marked by Old Town of La Verne sign)

8/6/07 3:00 Upland parking lot on left behind Raymond James Financial Services - just after going thru Upland Dr stoplight

8/6/07 4:30 Fontana small parking lot on left for Almeria Park

8/6/07 6:00 San Bernadino paved turnout in front of Verizon Wireless Warehouse on left on corner of Cajon and Short St

8/6/07 7:30 San Bernadino big gravel cut out on right, under power line crossing, two big power towers up on hill on right

8/6/07 9:00 San Bernadino Mntns large cut out on right in front of "Elevation 4000 Ft" sign on right - originally during the night so we would have been on this side - we will have to be taking extra precautions for this section anyways because of the Interstate so we w

8/6/07 10:30 Hesperia blue one story bldg on right, just before Boat Sales and Service ahead on left

8/6/07 12:00 Apple Valley huge dirt cut out on right, blue Litter Removal Sign up ahead on left on I- 15

8/6/07 13:30 dirt turn off on left, just past two power towers on both sides, house in distant up on the left

8/6/07 15:00 wide cut out on right and left

8/6/07 16:30 Barstow small strip mall on right with Subway and Rite Aid

8/6/07 18:00 Mule Canyon Rd on left - safest - spot no cars on the road

8/6/07 19:30 side of road next to RR tracks, large billboard ahead on left, Warning Post for "Fiber Optics Cable Underground" on right - also, an amusement park is visible in the distance - dirt road that runs parallel to Yermo Rd that will be availab

8/6/07 21:00 left side of road next to short barbed wire fence on left, I- 15 on the left here also and a "Fiber Optics" post is on the right

8/6/07 22:30 bottom of hill next to small red Fiber optics post on left

There is a Raymond James in Upland on 16th St, just east of Upland Hills Drive. Here's a map.


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