Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alan "Skill" Cole on February 6, 2002

See previous posts [1] [2]. Here's something from a couple of decades after Bob Marley's death and funeral:

FORMER NATIONAL footballer turned coach, Allan 'Skill' Cole, and five others who were arrested for breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act on Wednesday, were offered bails of $1.5 million each....

According to the police Constabulary Communication Network, about 1:15 p.m., members of the Narcotics Division carried out a raid at Mr. Cole's premises and found 60 parcels of ganja weighing approximately 148.45 kilograms (326.59 lb).

Nearly 150 kilograms? Now that's faith.

In addition to being a professional footballer, Cole also served as manager for reggae superstar Bob Marley at one point in his career and is credited with writing at least one of the Reggae legend's hit songs. He was also the first and only Jamaican to play professional football in Brazil, when he was signed by top Brazilian club, Nautico in 1972.


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