Saturday, July 7, 2007

About the all-encompassing part (latest search terms)

I am proud.

While I'll do the occasional series of vertical posts (such as my adobenortonzyxelcpu and msnphotosserver series), the Ontario Emperor mrontemp blog truly excels at talking about...well, just about everything.

I guess this blog isn't just the White Album, it's Ira Fistell also.

Here are some of the search terms that brought people to this blog just today, along with my latest comments on the topics discussed:

  • "alan myers" drummer - Not up with Bob Lewis on interesting Devo topics, but interesting nonetheless.

  • +"andy jones" +"producer" - Is there ever a time when a producer becomes famous for a GOOD reason?

  • criminal justice mental health - The whole Paris Hilton thing raised some questions about mental health treatment in the prison system; questions that were never answered.

  • "dark robbery" - The person who conducted this search must have been disappointed, because I wasn't talking about a movie. I was talking about...a dark robbery (in Beserkley).

  • "darren bates" - Unfortunately, there are many people with this name. I was interested in the MySpace guy.

  • david christof - I haven't mentioned the Blue Planet Run lately, but Christof and his partners are running through Russia right now.

  • don bolles arrested - Still making news.

  • handball one-wall los angeles california public - Don't know if T. J. Simers is still working on this baseball challenge.

  • kobe grover money petros - Money and Petros still perform their "Living Spaces" commercial parody on occasion.

  • sayed mahmoody - Not without my film rights option.

  • spice cat container san bernardino - Advice: if you're relating this story to someone else, just say that the cat was alive, but had "internal problems."

  • st.lucian flag cursor - For those of you still fighting the Cold War.

  • tracy simers pictures - The never-ending question - what do radio people look like?

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