Saturday, June 2, 2007

Religion won't save you

Yes, this sounds like the Talking Heads song "Mind." So sue me.

I previously mentioned that capitalism won't save you. Yun (who wrote about the Blue Planet Run here) mentions that religion won't save you. Quoting from John Stackhouse:

No religion is salvific: not Hinduism or Shinto or Islam, but also not Christianity. God is salvific. Practicing religion, however correct it is and however correctly one practices it, will not save you. That is basic Christian conviction. It is trusting God that will save you—that also is basic Christian conviction....

We have to unlearn...our tendency to rely on technical skill and relentless pressure, as if we can manufacture conversions by dint of expertise and enthusiasm. We especially have to discard the dangerous dictum, "Pray as if it all depended upon God, and work as if it all depended on you." That is simply nonsense—or, much worse, a recipe for arrogance, burnout, frustration, and finally hatred of both missions and the neighbors we are supposed to love when they do not yield to our benevolent barrage.


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