Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photoblogging - Custis Lee Mansion, June 13 2007

Southern mansions, including the Custis-Lee Mansion (pictured above) and Mount Vernon, often had long hallways in the center of the mansion that stretched from the front door to the back door. If I remember correctly, these hallways allowed for ventilation in the oppressive southern heat, but I could be wrong.

For those who don't know how Arlington Cemetery came to be, it resulted from a decision of Robert E. Lee. (We make no rhyme before its time.) Basically, Lee wanted to preserve the Union, but not if it meant that he would have to kill his fellow Virginians to do it. So when he went to serve the Confederacy, his lands were confiscated AND a bunch of dead Union soldiers were buried there.

Just as well. Can you imagine if that property had stayed in private hands, and a Hearst or Kennedy had bought it?

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