Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Latest on Grover Geiselman's Good Buddy

From Suburban Refugee:

Kobe is dumb and should be forced to play basketball in Iceland.

And Sporty Blog (not to be confused with Posh Blog) asks:

Kevin For Kobe?

Shyonelung dissects the whole thing:

I'm not sure what I make of reports that Kobe still wants out even if they get Garnett, except for two things. One as someone suggested to me recently is that the Phil and Kobe Honeymoon show is over, that Phil once again believes what he said Kobe in his book two years ago (he’s uncoachable) and Kobe believes that Phil has the upper hand with management, especially since he's literally sleeping with it.

Second, as I’ve already talked about ad nauseum here, Kobe remains convinced that there isn't a realistic deal the Lakers could make right now that would make them good enough to compete for a title against the great teams in the West (Spurs and Suns) and the comers (Dallas, Houston, perhaps Denver and soon-to-be-vastly improved Sonics and Blazers).

Meanwhile, remember Petros Papadakis' fake theory that the other NBA coaches are determined to ensure that the Lakers succeed? Alex took him seriously:

This Kevin Garnett trade between the T-Wolves and Lakers, HAS to go down. The NBA needs the Lakers to be a star filled team, and a Kobe Bryant/Kevin Garnett pairing is pretty dazzling.

From a marketing perspective, this trade, if it goes through, is the NBA's dream.

And Toph has uncovered the real reason why Kobe wants to leave El-Lay:

I read about this other chick in Southern California named Lauren Collins. She was special, and she was good. Currently, Collins is a sophomore at UC Irvine and she’s from Santa Margarita High School. It’s obvious that a chick that comes from a high school named after alcohol is destined for greatness, no?...

Lauren is freaking good. Of course, in high school Lauren had All-State [track] honors, because she freaking owns this state. There’s a myth going around that Lauren actually was the reason for Kobe Bryant wanting out of L.A. He basically thought that he wasn’t the best athlete in the city, and couldn’t handle it. Again, that may be a myth.

And that, my friends, is the most reasonable contribution to KLAC's Kobe Watch 2007 that I can contemplate. Makes better sense than David Stern ordering Charles Barkley out of retirement.


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