Monday, June 11, 2007

Kidney Stones and Doctor Death

Followup. From Jack Watkins:

Anyone had a kidney stone? To understand the pain, lie in the parking lot and have your friends drive over your lower back . . . with a bus . . . with snow chains . . . filled with people on their way to Weight Watchers. It took three surgeries in two hospitals over one whole month to remove that stubborn stone. If Dr. [Kevorkian] would have walked in as I crying out to the Lord, I probably would have screamed, "Shooooow meeeee monoxide!"

I'm not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of pain! I don't buy this "No pain, no gain" stuff. My philosophy is "No pain, no 'ow-ie'." Euthanasia activists exploit that fear and imply that when cure is no longer likely, there are only two alternatives: euthanasia or unbearable pain. An official of Choice in Dying said refusing to permit euthanasia "would, in fact, be to abandon the patient to a horrifying death."

However, today, pain control is available. For instance, once the doctor confirmed my kidney stone, they put me on a morphine pump with a "Jeopardy" style button I could push whenever I was in pain. "I'll take Demerol for $100, Alex." I was absolutely pain free.

I'm so glad Dr. [Kevorkian] wasn't on call at the McCray Emergency room on November 15, 1991. I would have never seen Faith graduate from high school. I would have never seen her become engaged. And I wouldn't have been around to walk her down the aisle May 6.

Then Watkins talks about Job...and Phyllis Diller. Read the rest.

And meanwhile, muse and see if Kevorkian will put his money where his mouth is:

He has become increasingly frail and suffers from seriously high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, temporal arthritis, active Hepatitis C which is violently attacking his liver....

Ruminate on the ramifications of THAT...


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