Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Speaking of Luddites...

(Note: I've been writing these by going through my del.icio.us tags from the top down, which means I'm looking at the latest tags first. Now I'm at the beginning set of tags that started this little series. Due to the nature of blogging, this item will appear first when you read it, even though I wrote it last. Such is the way that things all sort themselves out.)

So I got a Bad Religion song stuck in my head, which led me here, and which resulted in my reading about Luddites (see my previous posts [1] [2]):

My router is broken at home so I'm without the Internet....Consequently, I have to study in (free) wi-fi cafes, my parent's house or libraries.

At first I thought I was going to die....After the initial DT's passed, I'm actually enjoying being disconnected at home.

First, I can actually get work done....Since I've been disconnected I've been able to write and read. I'm hoping to start my next charcoal portrait.

And no, I don't know what 21st Century Digital Girl thinks of Al Gore....Wait a minute, actually I do:

[A]s a Senator in the 1980's Gore provided significant legislative support encouraging government to take a vested interest in internet research and development.

In 1986 Gore supported the National Science Foundation Authorization Act which analyzed future requirements for computers to support data transmission, data security, software compatibility, and overall development of equipment using high transmission fiber optic systems (Wiggins 2000). In 1988 Gore supported The National High-Performance Computer Technology Act which argued for the creation of a high-capacity national data network (Wiggins 2000). During Congressional debates Gore emphasized the need to create a, "3-gigabit-per-second national network" and, "establishing a high-capacity national research computer network" (Wiggins 2000). His hard work paid off with the passage of the High Performance Computing Act of 1991.


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