Monday, May 28, 2007

Speaking of Christopher Nance (sort of)

(And no, there's no new news on his trial, as far as I know.)

Franklin Avenue recounts a Kent Shocknek moment in which Nance played a role.

I wasn't even living in Los Angeles in 1987, but how can anyone forget the morning that then-KNBC morning anchor Kent Shocknek and weatherman Christopher Nance hid under the anchor desk during an earthquake aftershock. The best part? Kent urges the station's camera operators to do the same. Cut to wide shot of the studio -- the cameramen are still standing there, shooting the empty desk as Kent and Christopher hide.

Personally, I believe that Shocknek has gotten a bum rap for this over the years. I'd rather have Shocknek hiding under the desk, doing what he's supposed to do, than have Harvey Levin stand in the middle of a rushing stream during a flood. Which of these people has a brain, and which doesn't?

Back to Franklin Avenue, which found a YouTube video of NBC's David Letterman commenting on this episode.

And I have to admit, that even though Shocknek and Nance were displaying proper behavior, I had a smile on my face. And that's probably why Letterman, who has lived in California, chose to air the thing.


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