Monday, May 28, 2007

The Pentecost Post

America is not Europe, as this informational blurb attests.

In Finland, we have an old saying: "If you don't have a sweetheart in Pentecost, then you don't get one during the whole summer" (Jos ei ole heilaa helluntaina, ei ole koko kesänä).

Europe is more seasonal and all that stuff, and the religious calendar is ingrained in the populace, even if they pretty much ignore the significance of it. So while I was in Henderson, Nevada, listening to a sermon comparing Acts 2 and the Babel story in Genesis (note: Babel was an act of mercy, not punishment), people in Finland were choosing their sweethearts.

The Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat asks every year from the readers who is the most wanted Pentecost sweetheart in our country. This year the ice sport stars dominated the election, Kiira Korpi got 45% of all the wotes given to female celebs, and ice hockey player Tuomo Ruutu won the men's title!

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