Monday, May 7, 2007

Hippie Chick Twang

In the process of researching the guerilla marketing industry within which Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens occupied the bottom rung), I mentioned Hippie Chick Twang. This elicited the following response:

Hi O.E. - thank you so much for the blog ink!!! Hippie Chick Twang actually IS a little publicity house with integrity. We aren't 'THE MAN' and we do things quite differently. We also depend on the kindness of bloggers who help so much. Our name ends up getting us in blogs (some like this one that uses us as an example of 'something')...but we are just glad you noticed us. Obviously, we three muskateer (sp?)creative types who've decided to open a shop after being burned by a large p.r. firm...have done something right. Blessings to you, and again - thanks for the cyber-ink! -- devon/hippie 2

Their website is here. Presumably they won't engage in interference.


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