Monday, May 7, 2007

Consider whom you represent

Elliot Mintz used to be Paris Hilton's PR flack. But no more.

At the hearing, Hilton said Mintz had told her she was permitted to drive for work-related reasons. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer rejected her claims and ordered her to turn herself in by June 5.

Mintz didn't dispute Hilton's claim.

Mintz, whose clients have included John Lennon and Bob Dylan, took the stand in Hilton’s defense, but his testimony was rejected as worthless by the judge.

So, after this show of support, what does Hilton do?

She...fired her spokesman, veteran publicist Elliot Mintz, whom she blamed for getting her into the mess.

Really loyal, huh?

And how does Mintz react - at least publicly? With a lot more class than Hilton has ever showed.

In a statement published on Sunday by...web site, Mintz was said he was “deeply and profoundly sorry” for giving his client bad advice.

“Due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris. For the record, I have nothing but love and respect for Paris and her family. Paris is a wonderful person and does not deserve the punishment that was handed down by the court. I only wish her my best.”

So Paris Hilton, a legal adult, relies on admittedly bad advice without engaging her brain, then shoots the advisor?

Meanwhile, the advisor agrees that Hilton should not be responsible for her own actions?


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