Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching Up With Determined Men 3 - Falwell and Perfection

Let's start with Lisa Scheuplein:

As a Christian, and in some ways a fundamentalist, leaders like Falwell always left a bad taste in my mouth. Most high brow Christians do in fact. I find most of them angry and hypocritical and sometimes evil. It is why I rarely attend an organized church....

The type of emotional Christianity that lays power to a human be it a Falwell or a Pope is disgusting to me. We, as humans are NOT perfect and never can be while we are "in the flesh." Falwell has perfectly demonstrated this.

Here's a comment from Bel is thinking, from someone who apparently IS in union with the visible church:

As Christians, we agreed on the basics; the Lordship of Jesus, the inerrancy of scripture, and the doctrine of salvation....

The idea behind Christianity is that we are not perfect, and we all need the grace and forgiveness of God. We are therefore not in a position to judge others, seeing as we are equally in need of mercy. Many times Falwell forgot this basic truth, and the name of Christianity suffered as a result.

And let's finish with Real Debate Wisconsin:

You do not deserve the hate coming from the left upon your death....

You were not perfect, none of us are. There was only one perfect man who walked upon this earth. I hope you are with him now.

I don't think it's necessarily earth-shattering to realize that Jerry Falwell was not perfect. I don't agree that Falwell necessarily harmed Christianity - if Falwell had never existed, would more people have answered God's call? I doubt it.

Incidentally, I'm working through my links, and eventually hope to get to the ones on the whole limited atonement issue. If you want to read ahead, feel free.


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