Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Before the city exists, the city beautification people come out

Yes, I know the reputation of the Inland Empire. We all have meth labs and listen to country music.

But there are people who want to change all that. Even before Jurupa Valley, California exists as a city, people want to make it better.

JurupaValley.org is dedicated to working with our County Supervisor to reverse the decay or our community.

Including the decay or our writing skills.

And on this May Day, when students are actively pursuing stupidity by skipping classes, dreaming of the day when they can open their own sidewalk food business, these same students may not realize that sidewalk cafes are not welcome in Jurupa Valley:

Since our streets are now crowded with push-carts honking bicycle horns and jingling bells, there is a new menace to our community. The Sidewalk Cafe!

Dine on contaminated vittles prepared by unwashed hands. While ordinary restaurants must abide by health codes, these operations don't have to bother with those details. Just turn your front yard into a cafe, and let the traffic clog the streets! Dine on bathtub cheese and other impure food products.

This is another growing problem that we need to get stopped. If allowed to continue, you are likely to have one pop up next to your home.

Well, I hate to break it to the citizens of Jurupa Valley, but the same truism exists here that exists in Ontario. No matter how much beautification you do, and how much zoning that you do, and how much effort you expend to keep the taco stands and Wal Marts out of your pristine community, all of the business on Rodeo Drive are NOT going to magically relocate to Jurupa Valley (or Ontario).

Jurupa Valley is a bunch of rocky soil that became cow pastures.

Ontario is a bunch of rocky soil that became agricultural groves.

Neither place is going to be a star location on Lonely Planet any time soon.


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