Friday, April 6, 2007

Note the tag, tag the note - acts screwy

I'm not having corporate firewall issues with today (I have the day off), but it's acting funny anyway. Compare the third item in the list (which I tagged last night) to the upper two items in the list. Today, something that I highlighted as a note is being placed at the beginning of the tags section. I cut this material, place it back in the note, and save it, but it ends up back in the tag section again.

Here's the message that is displaying:

due to heavy load we are experiencing some site issues; we are working on it, thanks for your patience!

Oh's just about three o'clock in the afternoon here, so I should probably give a rest.

But you may want to check David Kerr's post and Jennifer's post in the meantime.

[FRIDAY EVENING - This appears to be fixed now.]

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